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Vaastu Foundation

Vaastu Foundation is a Public Charitable Trust registered under the Indian Trust Act and under the Income Tax Act 1961. According to the Rig vedha, Vaastu means "Prolonged Happiness" and hence we have registered a public charitable trust in the name of "Vaastu foundation" under the Indian Trust Act to provide the "Prolonged Happiness" to the public at large.The Department of Incometax has genourously given exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act for all the Donations made to our Trust.

The main objects of the Trust is to provide medical welfare, educational welfare and social welfare to the soceity at large. Vaastu Foundation belives that the motto of "Prolonged happiness" for the weaker sections can be achieved not only by providing monetary aids to meet out their basic needs but also, We have to educate them to attain the economical freedom and self sufficiency by providing the ways and means of securing their lives utilising the resources available to them.

The Most important Philosophy and effectively the Only Mission of the Vaastu Foundation is to actively participate and contribute substantially for the natural formation of a strong National and Global interfaith movement respecting sentiments, core principles and values of all Religions of mankind to create and promote a True Secular ALL FAITH Classless and Casteless Society that will work for self realization at individual level and for the attainment of world peace at mundane level.

The Trust has established a Primary Health & Counseling Centre at Sirangudi Puliyur village near Sikkal Nagapattinam District. All medical services and facilities are provided at free of cost. The Trust has built a modern clinic the area of which is around 2500 sq.ft. A lot of waiting space has been provided inside the medical centre to help both patients and visitors. A reception hall, a counselling centre, doctors consultation rooms,Chief nurse rooms and laboratory rooms have been provided.

The Apollo hospital has deputed a doctor and a male nurse to the centre. The foundation has recruited a doctor and three nurses and other staff. They will remain at the centre and serve the public. Primary health,first aid, medical care and counselling needs of the people are met by the centre.

The Trust is also providing free school uniforms for more than 1200 economically backward children living in an around Themangalam panchayat, Perungadambanur panchayat, Sangamangalam panchayat, Azhiyur panchayat and Poravachery panchayat situated in Nagapattinam district.

The Trust is also providing annadanam and welfare measures under the women self help programmes periodically.

The founder of Vaastu foundation is Guruji Dr. K. Venkatesan, BE, MTech, EdD, PhD, DDiv and its Chairman and the Managing Trustee is CA V Muthukumarasamy B.Sc., F.C.A.,